Saturday, October 6, 2018

No-Name Guitars

My next two projects involve two "no-name" guitars, that is, neither has a label or other identifying mark. The first is a mini-guitar that was purchased for $5 at a place called "The Wizard of Odds" in North Jackson, Ohio. It has several features that distinguish it from most of the mini / child guitars I have seen. 
Among the differences are a much fancier pick guard, a floating wooden bridge with steel tailpiece, and what appear to be friction style tuning machines. It was strung up with six steel strings, and rather than convert to a ukulele as I do with most mini-guitars, I plan on keeping this a six stringer. The guitar is 25" long with an approximate 16" scale length.


The second guitar is full-size and was rescued from a roadside trash pile by my thoughtful coworker (thank you😀). The bridge was split and detached, and one of the internal braces is cracked. I plan to make my own bridge, and the brace repair will be a challenge. The scale length is 25.75".
So that's what's coming up. Tune in later for an update. 😎

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