Friday, September 7, 2018

Toy Guitar to Ukulele

Converting a $10, unplayable craft-store guitar into a playable four-string ukulele. This project will require the removal of all (wooden) frets / re-fretting, a new four-string nut, and re-drilling the bridge to accommodate four correctly spaced uke strings. START to FINISH - here is the original guitar as purchased:

First up is to remove the plastic nut and shave off the frets with a wood chisel:

Shaving the frets left some gaps that I will fill with Elmer's wood glue:
Next I'll drill two-correctly spaceed holes in the existing bridge while plugging the unused holes with toothpicks:

Now I will cut all-new correctly spaced fret slots, and fret the ukulele using TOOTHPICKS - something I've never tried before. I'll nip them off on either side with flush-cutters. Oh, I also painted the fret board black.

Finally, a new NUT made from a pop-sickle stick, because like it says at the top...Low Budget. 😀
Ta-Da. A fun project and I learned some things. Somewhere along the way I also removed two of the original tuners, leaving four for the uke. Next post will be a video of this tiny tyke in action. Until then... Aloha. 😎 

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