Friday, September 7, 2018

Half-size Guitar to Ukulele

Converting an inexpensive, half-size guitar into a playable four-string baritone ukulele, from START to FINISH.
First up - fret #1 is about 1/8" too far from the nut, causing noticeable intonation problems. I'll remove the six string plastic nut, cut back the fret board by 1/8", and install a new bone nut to be slotted for four strings.
I also need to re-crown these worn out frets with an inexpensive triangle file.
Time to string it up with some quality uke strings and try it out. I'll use the four inner holes of the original bridge rather than re-drilling or replacing it.

Ta-Da! A fairly simple project using inexpensive tools and parts. Cost under $10 for a new nut and strings. The guitar was free. That's Low Budget! 😎 

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